go-kart were:

jason gibbons - guitar/vocals
jonathan gibbons - guitar/vocals
stuart sime - bass
dave 'sonic' littleton - drums



go-kart pics

born out of the surrounding 'lo-fi' scene in 1995, we played with local bands such as 'spraydog' in and around the newcastle (uk) area.

first gig: 28/01/96 @ original oak, leeds.

studio recording: 17/03/96 @ off-quay, newcastle

played newcastle riverside: 28/11/96.

last gig: 20/02/97 @ tut 'n' shive, newcastle.

sept 2000 - 'scatter' to feature in a film short being made by 'biz4 productions' in california. check out the website for more info: biz4 productions


go-kart sounds:

when fido's sad

too far away
contact the lawyers (rehearsal)
duglas stewart (officer bob 7")





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