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jason & dave & jonathan & stu

original oak - leeds (jan 96)


black swan - newcastle

(feb 96)

dave & stu at the ropery

(may 96)

outside the ropery

(may 96)

jason & dave at off-quay studios


at off-quay studios

(mar 96)

jason at off-quay studios


in the crowd at the riverside

(nov 96)

on stage at the riverside

on stage at the riverside

(nov 96)

flyer from the first gig


set list from the riverside gig

riverside gig ticket

(nov 96)

gav and friends at a gig in the
chilli arms - newcastle


chilli arms - newcastle

plans on the back of a fag packet


fly poster from the riverside gig


central station

(summer 96)

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