Jabbas Palace

"Where The Afterglories Glow" - The Rehearsal Recordings

Blue Eyes Gram Parsons (19/11/14)
Brass Buttons (Acoustic)
Gram Parsons (10/06/15)
Uncle Tupelo (11/05/14)
Cinamon Girl
Neil Young (22/02/14)
Closing Time At The Tittie Bar (Acoustic)
Smudge (10/06/15)
Don’t Take Me To Space Man
Brakes (23/10/13)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (19/11/14)
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Neil Young (22/02/14)
Friend Of The Devil
Greatful Dead (12/06/14)
Uncle Tupelo (11/05/14)
He'd Be A Diamond
The Bevis Frond (19/11/14)
Built To Spill (22/02/14)
Spraydog (11/12/13)
Look At All The Things
Crazy Horse (11/05/14)
Love And Only Love
Neil Young (11/05/14)
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Tom Petty (19/11/14)
My Idea
Evan Dando (19/11/14)
New Madrid
Uncle Tupelo (21/10/14)
N.Y.C. - Steve Earle (22/02/14)
Ohio River Boat Son
gPalace Brothers (11/05/14)
Outdoor Type (Acoustic)
Smudge (10/06/15)
Sauget Wind
Uncle Tupelo (11/0514)
Shut Us Down - Camper Van Beethoven (22/02/14)
So. Central Rain
Southern Man
Neil Young (19/11/14)
Start Choppin’ - Dinosaur Jr (11/12/13)
The Jayhawks (04/09/13)
Take The Skinheads Bowling - Camper Van Beethoven (11/05/14)
Tenderfoot – The Lemonheads (11/05/14)
The Swells
Peter Bruntnell (19/10/16)
The Wind Blew All Around Me – The Bevis Frond (11/05/14)
Upside Down – Yo La Tengo (23/04/13)
Web In Front – Archer Of Loaf (06/02/13)
You Won’t Find Me Peter Bruntnell (22/02/14)

Live At The Surf Cafe 17/05/14
Live At The Hunting Lodge 24/05/14