29/04/2001 - bridge hotel, newcastle upon tyne (0191 232 6400). support from resin. 8pm.

29/03/2001 - cluny warehouse, newcastle upon tyne. support from speedster & stouffa. 8pm.

11/11/2000 - the dome, whitley bay.

26/10/2000 - cluny warehouse, newcastle upon tyne. support from hype giant & gladstone. 8pm.

22/09/2000 - live theatre, newcastle upon tyne. with mos eisley and spraydog. 8pm - (0191 261 2694).

27/07/2000 - cluny warehouse, newcastle upon tyne. ouseburn festival special. support will be from monochrome.

10/06/2000 - the bridge, newcastle upon tyne (0191 232 6400) 8pm. support from pale man made.

27/05/2000 - egypt cottage, newcastle upon tyne (0191 232 0218) 8pm.

05/05/2000 - washington arts centre 8pm. support from skinner.

15/03/2000 - live @ the live.
(live theatre - 0191 261 2694) 8pm. with the new tellers & lowstar.

08/03/2000 - road house 8pm.

02/03/2000 - egypt cottage, newcastle upon tyne (0191 232 0218) 8pm. support from hartlepool's silversleeve.

20/02/2000 - the bridge, newcastle upon tyne (0191 232 6400) 8pm. supporting skinner.

20/08/2001 - meowtsetong have split. we would just like to thank all the people that have supported us over the past few years. sound@45rpm will keep you up to date on what everyones up to.

12/08/2001 - anna has left meowtsetong because of other commitments.

18/06/2001 - keith is currently away for few months on a trip touring europe. we are recording some new tracks which we hope to gig when keith returns. stay tuned.

02/02/2001 - we are pleased to announce that we have been asked to appear as part of the march cluny tunes. we have some new songs to play and are rehearsing hard as usual. hope to see everyone there!

21/12/2000 - its been a bit of a strange month, what with a new singer and stuart missing but we're still rehearsing hard and working up some new songs. stay tuned to sound@45rpm for news on forthcoming meowtsetong events. sound@45rpm will also keep you upto date on new projects that stuart and caroline are working on too.

28/11/2000 - stuart sime and meowtsetong have parted company. wayne will be taking over on bass for the near future.

21/11/2000 - caroline thorpe has left meowtsetong. caroline will be replaced on vocals by anna.

06/11/2000 - pics of the live theatre gig 22/09 now available. click 'here'.

04/10/2000 - 'the crack' magzine is out. click 'here' to read the article.

14/09/2000 - neil & caroline get interviewed by 'the crack' magazine for an article to be published in the october edition.

04/09/2000 - carolines back! we're gonna be rehearsing hard in the next few weeks to be ready for the gigs at the live theatre and the cluny. hope to see everybody there.

15/08/2000 - we are please to announce meowtsetong are now back as a 7 piece. keith hustwaite will be joining us permanently on drums.

01/08/2000 - hi, its been exactly a month since we rambled in here. july was a quiet month for meowtsetong. caroline is still away, so no gigs to look forward too at the mo. we're also working with a new drummer, keith has a lot of talent for a young lad and hopefully we'll be able to persaude him to stay (thats if he gets back alive from benidorm!!). neil has been away too, wayne has a little break planned and what with daves wife about the give birth it seems as though everybody has a lot to be getting on with. we'd like to say hello to hazel of oozells promotions whose promised us a gig at the cluny in october and also to 'king of sixes' who we'll hopefully be supporting in the very near future. take care everyone.

01/07/2000 - our demo gets reviewed in july's 'crack' magazine. its also moved up from 12th to 5th position in the 'get rhythm' magazine top twenty demos. click here to read reviews.

13/06/2000 - just as soon as we announce a new band member, we loose one. peter foster and meowtsetong have parted company. thanks to peter for the hard work in getting the demo recorded. this has resulted in us having to cancel our planned cluny gig on the 27/07.

02/06/2000 - we are please to announce meowtsetong are now a 7 (yes, seven) piece. dave tatters has joined us as an additional keys player. wayne will still be playing keys but it gives him the option to play his other instruments, he's a talented yank y'know!.

30/05/2000 - addition of pics from the live theatre gig and elefant tree sessions. some new ones of the egypt gig (02/03/2000) also added.

26/05/2000 - site updates to meowtsetong pages.

03/05/2000 - the demo tracks are now available for download. go back and click on a song. the songs are saved in 22khz mp3 file format for your convenience.

26/04/2000 - the demo is finished and we are in possesion of a shiny new 7 track minidisk master. thanks to alan blevins at elefant tree for his help and the long hours. we'll be burning cd's soon and we'll have mp3's available for download in the near future. also we're looking for a temporary replacement for caroline while she is in london to enable us to continue rehearsals etc. if you know anyone who would be interested pop us an email. because of caroline's sudden departure we are having to cancel the washington arts centre gig but we will be honouring the gigs @ the egypt and the bridge.

23/04/2000 - its been a week we're unlikely to forget in a long while. we'll start with the bad news; caroline is off to london for 4 months in a week or so's time to do her fashion design placement and after a hugely successful day at elefant tree last wednesday, the korg d8's hard disk packed up and we lost 6 out of 7 completed songs. the good news; well, james has decided to join the band after 'floating' for a while but his trumpet will be missing from the tracks we have to re-record at elefant tree on the 25th.

03/04/2000 - we're in elefant tree studios on the 19th & 20th of April working on a demo.

19/03/2000 - pics are now available from the bridge gig (20/02). we are also trying to line up some gigs with pale man made in the near future, stay tuned.

06/03/2000 - thanks to hartlepool's silversleeve for the support at a packed out egypt cottage last thursday. some pics are now available from this gig.

21/02/2000 - well, its great to get that 'first gig' out of the way. its enough to put the fear of god into you, but people commented on how much we looked like we were enjoying it!. 'ta' to everyone who made it and especially the fabulous skinner, who we hope to meet up with again in may. stay tuned for pics from the bridge.

14/02/2000 - meowtsetong now have a rehearsal room at the off-quay buildings.

01/02/2000 - new version of forwards, onwards, upwards available for download.

nov 1999 - sound@45rpm website launched.


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