forwards, onwards, upwards





cold wind

guiding star

summer song


these sound files make up a 6 track demo we recorded at elefant tree studios on the 25/04/00. we used a digital 8-track for the recording which was then mastered to minidisk.


meowtsetong sounds:

what 'the crack' magazine had to say:

"a six piece with a singer who can actually sing and six songs of many delicious hues, the 'tong take you into harmony heaven by way of some sweet soul, and indeed pop, music. my faves included 'v&a/chewy' an aural cadbury's caramel which catches that summer mood with breezy aplomb (loved the added spaced-out vibes, man), the sundays-esque 'summer song' and 'forwards, onwards, upwards' with its singing guitars. talent a-go-go missus and make no mistake."

what 'get rhythm' magazine had to say:

"the name meowtsetong sounds like the noise a communist dictator might make when having his meat and two veg bitten by a pokemon. the music if you believe the blurb is a fusion of 'psychedelic, soul, drone rock and lush textures', i'm happy to report that its far better than that description. occasionally caroline thorp's vocals sound like her out of the sundays and at other times she is a hybrid of siouxsie sioux and grace slick with flashes of the cocteau twins in between the sparse deliberate guitars and fascinating bass and drum sounds. rather beautiful really."

garage session – november 1999
polestar session – 10/01/99





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