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i wanna tell you a story...

you wanna know about us right? i guess we can go as far back as 1995, for 1995 saw the birth of go-kart. not that many good things came out of go-kart, except for that's how jason and stuart met. jason had previously been in 'officer bob' and released the cracking 'duglas stewart' single. stuart played bass for go-kart, as he'd previously been messing around with a variety of electronica. when go-kart split, stuart joined an early form of meowtsetong and jason took off around the world.

caroline and stuart met in meowtsetong in the autumn of 1998. at that time, david littleton (ex go-kart) was drumming for us. caroline and stuart split from meowtsetong in november 2000. stuart then met up with jason who was now back in the country and planning to set up beautiful pigeon records. so after a get together in the 'free trade' boozer in newcastle, we decided to form 'fun with light'. our aim is to marry sweetness and noise.

fun with light are:

caroline thorp
jason gibbons
stuart sime




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