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the gossip...
01/09/05 > well, its been a while...too long...way too long.  probs with pc's and web updates, laziness and all the usual sh1te.  the good news - we're still together and still writing.  although admittedly not as much as we should, things are as busy as ever.  caroline is still living down in manchester, j is still actively adding to the population crisis and stuart has almost given up everything and became a student - 'again'.  caroline has been doing some top work with 'cathode' and 'andrew hodson' and keep your eyes peeled for a release or two.  we're treating you to a new fwl mp3 too - 'the bomb'. its quite an old song...but a good 'un which can be listened to via the mp3 button.  enough treats for now...thanks for listening...

26/10/04 > hot off the press...the compilation 'the beach will decide' has been realeased on innocent freefall records. our track 'at a time like this' appears on it. check out there website where they have details on how you can pick up a copy - its only 3 quid too, we don't know how they do it for the money!

22/10/04 > new mp3's - hurrah! we finally got round to posting up some new tracks for you. beanie is an older track and a bit of a favourite of our's, whilst the 'work in progress' tracks nsab and (01) if you're outside london will bring you bang upto date with what fwl are working on. we're hoping to gig soon too....oh how we miss gigging........

19/04/04 > we have been invited to contribute a track to a forthcoming compilation release on innocent freefall records. it has a planned release date of august 2004 and we will be posting up more details when they become available.

16/01/04 > alreet!? a new year and a new dawn for fwl. first off, caroline is now living and working in manchester. divvint frett tho but, we are all still writing together. we have around 3 - 4 tracks we are working on that need a little polishing and a final vocal putting on. keep checking the website for work in progress mp3's for for your enjoyment. no imediate plans for gigs this year yet.....they will follow with a completely new set. stay chooned......

15/09/03 > keep an eye out for the october edition of the crack magazine! there's little piece in it all about us.

07/08/03 > big thanks to everyone who came along to give us some support last sunday and to the distraction records lads for putting on a top weekend. things are gonna be changin' in the fwl camp over the next few weeks. first off, caroline is away to the states for a coupla weeks and we've bought some new gear! which means we're having a bit of a sort out in the studio. we'll be back with new tunes aplenty and rumour has it that we'll be contributing to a compilation release from beautiful pigeon records! ....stay tuned........

25/04/03 > we have two new mp3's for you to listen to! 'at a time like this' and 'whatshisface' are two new songs that can be clicked from the mp3's menu. we hope you like them. we have some great vocals from caroline to add to 'whatshisface', but the track works as aninstrumental in its own right. we're also gearing up for this uni gig next week, it should be a good'un! see you there...

17/03/03 > we're going back in the studio! on 23/03 we're going to be spending the day at base hq to record a couple of new tracks, 'at a time like this' and 'whatshisface'. mp3's will be on the site soon after with the possibility of us putting an e.p. out! more news soon...

03/02/03 > after the disappointment of the gig cancellation back in november, we're back! with two gigs and a bunch of new choons. the hyena cafe gig on the 18th will lead to us getting some studio time at the new 'base hq' studio in newcastle. we're hoping to record a few tracks for release later in the year. see you at the gig. be there, or be a right shit...

17/11/02 > hi! much apologies to all the people that were hoping to see us at the playrooms last night. the show had to be cancelled last minute after the club announced it would not be able to open for safety reasons. we're all a bit gutted about it. we were really looking forward to playing you some new choons we had been working on. anyhoo, that was the last chance for us to put on a show this year. we're gonna organise something early in the new year, so keep coming back for news on that. ta ta 4 now...

25/06/02 > hello everyone! things are a little quite in the fun with light camp at the mo. what with hols and caroline finishing uni, we have'nt seen that much of each other. thats set to change! we've been invited to play a special night at the cluny, organised by newcastle uni and oozells on tuesday 16th july. we are also getting back into rehearsing and hope to have some new tunes soon. see ya!

30/04/02 > we now have some mp3's for you to listen to. we have three 'unfinished' tracks from the session at 'crush' in birmingham. click mp3's to check them out. hopefully see you at the cluny on thursday...

21/01/02 > fresh from the studio with three tracks completed, we can confirm that we'll be playing 'its a pigeon thing' at the head of steam on the 21/02/02. joining us will be jacuzzi allstars and the beautiful pigeon sound system. thanks to chris at crush in birmingham for his heroic efforts in the studio last weekend.

17/12/01 > fun with light are to visit brummy in january to record a few tracks in a 'proper' studio. stuart has also picked up a few new bits of kit; a yammy cs-05 and a korg polysix. he will perfecting his process of exquisite analogue noise generation over the xmas period. as shakey once said, merry xmas everyone!!

29/11/01 > we've had to delay the cluny gig! keep coming back to find out the re-scheduled date.

20/11/01 > you can't say we don't treat you! we've lined up jacuzzi allstars for the gig at the cluny on 13/12/01.

16/11/01 > fun with light are currently rehearsing and listening to loads of vinyl. come and view the results at the cluny on thursday 13th December 2001.

26/10/01 > thanks to everyone who supported us at the cluny last night. we had a great time and hope to see everyone again soon.

the shows...

  • 08/10/03 - radio 2 fringe - live in newcastle. the head of steam (newcastle upon tyne, uk). with cliffhanger and elba. 8pm - free! more info
  • 03/08/03 - distraction records weekender. the cluny (newcastle upon tyne, uk). with cathode, leyenda, monofonix (elektrolux records), dressed in wires, caro snatch and tears of abraham. more info
  • 02/05/03 - bulletproof - reds bar (northumbria uni, newcastle upon tyne, uk). more info
  • 18/02/03 - hyena cafe (newcastle upon tyne, uk). an evening of fine music and booze, to celebrate the opening of the newest and finest recording studio in newcastle. those nice guy's at 'base hq' have also invited polar bear, super massive object, rubberneck and a couple of dj's. 7.30pm, £3.
  • 14/02/03 - bulletproof - reds bar (northumbria uni, newcastle upon tyne, uk). more info
  • 16/11/02 - transmission - the playrooms (newcastle upon tyne, uk). more info
  • 16/07/02 - untitled. the cluny (newcastle upon tyne, uk). with paul fisher & the magic stairs and jazzfinger. more info
  • 02/05/02 - evolution 2002. the cluny (newcastle upon tyne, uk). with j-xaverre + auntie nana. more info
  • 15/03/02 - cumberland arms (newcastle uk). uni fundraiser with auntie nana, nev clay and an acoustic set from neil...your bedrooms on fire. doors 8pm, £3.
  • 21/02/02 - head of steam (newcastle uk). with jacuzzi allstars + beautiful pigeon sound system. doors 8pm, £3.
  • 03/11/01 - arts centre (newcastle uk). with lovemat & the waiting room. doors 8pm £3. late bar 'til 1am! more info
  • 25/10/01 - cluny, ouseburn (newcastle uk). with mamasan & neil, your bedrooms on fire. doors 7:30pm £4 (adv. £3 rpm) more info
  • 27/07/01 - chillingham arms, heaton (newcastle uk). with pale man made. doors 8:00pm £2



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